50p camera

Can I take your Photo?

50p Camera Project. Olympus XA2. Kodak T-Max 400 film. Developed in LC29.

I enjoyed taking the above photo.  I was visiting Camden Market in London, and snapped him with the crafty little XA2 before he could even pitch his Polaroid instant photo sale to me.  Hah hah!  The 50p Camera is l33t!

I’m trying out some posh film – Kodak T-Max 400 here.  Developed in LC29 at 1:19.

Portrait, Zenza Bronica SQ-A

Instant Photos

Say Cheese. Nita is an Instant Photographer with this Fujifilm Instax Instant (as in Polaroid) 210 Camera. Bought at a car boot sale for a quid (the camera not Nita). Bronica SQ-A camera. Zenzanon PS 150mm f/4 lens. Ilford Delta Pro 400 medium format film. Home developed in R09.

I bought this Fujifilm Instax 100 at a recent local car boot sale for a quid.  Instax Wide photo cartridges are widely available, usually retailing around £13 to £19 for a twin packet offering 20 instant photographs.  This is much cheaper than available cartridges for Polaroid cameras.  So off went an order for a twin pack.

I was a Polaroid child in a way.  My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic, but around 1974 I upgraded to a Polaroid land camera.  I remember saving pocket money, so that I could bike to a local supplier, and buy a new photo cartridge.  I remember squeezing the outside of the shutter button, then holding the camera firmly while I ripped out a wallet of smelly chemical soaked photograph – counting the seconds.  In those pre-digital days, an instant photo seemed so high tec.

The surprise is that even the modern digital generations appear to love an Instant Photo camera.  It’s still got that Magic.  Waiting for the Instax image to appear has something going for it.  Not for me though.  The nostalgic feeling of wonder soon passed.  I’ll stick to my b/w film photography for now.