50p camera

I can do a handstand

Olympus XA2 compact camera. Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm film. Home developed with Ilford LC29.

I think that the 50p Camera handled the above photo quite well.  Taken on a recent visit to London, in Leicester Square of a group of street dancers.  Yeah, it has a tilt, but I think that the tilt works quite well on this sort of scene – I like the other dancers and legs sticking caught on the edge of the photo.

I’m quite liking the Ilford LC29 developer, although at 1:19, I’m not sure if it is that a great value.  I might perhaps use LC29 on my faster films, and use a Rodinal solution on slower films.  Does that make any sense?

Internet, Models and themed photoshoots, Monochrome, Sony A200 DSLR and Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM prime lens

Girlfriend in the Tub

Girl in the Bathtub. Sony A200 DSLR. Sony DT 35mm SAM F/1.8 lens. UFRaw conversion to B&W.

Yeah ok, with my recent photos stumbling into the Explore galleries of Flickr, I was curious to see if I could exploit the tag and title system.  Didn’t work, a few measly views of my lovely young lady in the bath.  I shouldn’t be so greedy for ‘faves’.  I have said before – don’t chase ‘views’ on a photo website – sometimes you can be your own judge.  Do you find satisfaction in your own photography?

Thanks to Nita for posing in the bath for this Flickr experiment.  Next time she’ll have to strip off so I can exploit the ‘naked girl’ tag.

Film, 35mm, and scans, Kodak Retinette IIA film camera, Portrait

The Edwardian Lady and Poundland 35mm Film.

Old Time Portrait. An Edwardian re-enactress at Wisbech Castle. Kodak Retinette IIA 1959 vintage camera. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 film from Poundland.

Yes I know that I should have seen the pedestrians in the background.  Still, quite pleased with this one – using my two quid car boot sale Kodak Retinertte IIA, and Poundland film.  A little tidying up on Gimp 2.8 open source software.  Elegant.  Who says tht portraiture requires expensive hardware?