50p camera

Looking back at the 50p Camera Project

Some of my favourite black and white film results from the XA2.

All captured on home developed, then scanned 35mm b/w film.  All in the Olympus XA2 camera that cost 50p (USD 70 cents) from a car boot sale.

Olympus XA-2 - 50p camera project II


Olympus XA2 compact camera. Ilford HP5+ b/w 35mm film. Developed in Kodak D76 stock. Scanned on a V500.

The two Ilford films from the XA2 (the 50p Camera Project) are dried and scanned.  The above is one of my favourites.  A candid taken at the burger van of a local mid week car boot sale.  I think that it captures the atmosphere of such an event quite well.  Car boot sales, auctions, and Sunday markets are great places to catch interesting people.

I developed in D-76 stock, which might have made the HP5 a little grainy, but as any regular readers will know, I don’t shy away from the rough.  It adds I think to the feeling of the photograph.  Anyway, I wanted to use the developer up, as it wasn’t well stored, and I’m keen to give a bottle of Ilford LC29 a go next.

I guess that is one of the attractions of film and even hybrid photography – we have so many different films, developers, and processes available still, each of which will affect the final image.

Next in the XA2 will be a couple of Poundland C41 films.

Models and themed photoshoots, Rants and discussions, Witchcraft and Horror, Zenza Bronica SQ-A

Ok, got the camera, got the developer, what now?

At the Witch’s Altar. Taken with Bronica SQ-A camera, Zenzanon 80mm f/2.8 lens. Ilford HP5 Plus film. Developed in ID-11

Even though I’ve had spare time lately, I’ve just not been able to take many photographs.  It’s like a writer’s block.  Just struggle to take any photos that I’m really pleased with.  I have had some success with my two little Olympus 35mm film cameras – the XA2 and Trip 35.  But I just can’t find the sort of subject material that I want to capture on medium format.  I sometimes take photos of pretty much anything, just to use up a film and develop it.  I’ve spent the past few months working on the technology that I want to use – home developed b&w film – 35 mm but especially medium format.  Only to fail to find the inspiration to photograph anymore.

Do other photography enthusiasts get this block?  I might have restricted myself a bit.  Monochrome reduces many chances to shoot.  I look at the autumn colours, and the 5th November fireworks with dismay.  Wont work in my grey scaled world.  Shooting in film reduces some of the randomness of machine gun exposures.  But it’s not just this. Something is wrong.

Monochrome, The East English Fens of East Anglia, Zenza Bronica SQ-A

The Quintessential English Village Church

The Quintessential English Country Village Church. Zenza Bronica SQ-A. Bronica PS 80mm f/2.8 lens. Ilford HP5+. Developed in ID-11

The above photo, taken on the Bronica SQ-A, handheld in poor light at 1/60 s, f2.8, on HP5 Plus 400, developed this morning.  I thought that it rather nicely captured the stereotypical English rural church.  An event was being held inside the church to mark the 150th anniversary of the village school.

Lubitel 166B, Monochrome, Transport

Motoring in Norfolk

Sunday Service. Lubitel 166B TLR camera. Ilford HP5 Plus 400 (120 roll), developed in ID-11

Taken outside of Emneth village church on Sunday.  Using the Lubitel 166B TLR camera that was built in the Soviet Lomo factory.  I paid two quid for this camera.  Developed at home.