Closing Down

I’ve maintained (on and off) the Tight Fisted Photographer blog now for nearly four years.  I would like to thank all that have visited, commented, or found anything of interest on here.

I just feel that it’s run it’s course.  I am having problems with the word press blog platform, and the latest software is making it more difficult to direct images to my Flickr account, but that isn’t the only reason.  I wanted a new journal, simpler, ad free, that encompasses more of my interests.  I want it more as a long term online record of my experiences and thoughts, than for visitor stats, follows, or likes.

For that reason, I have launched a new blog on Posthaven.  It is called Journals of a Nonconformist.  I’ll continue to discuss photography there, but I’ll be free to record whatever else is going on in my life, or in my head.  I will check this blog for a while for any questions, but for now, many thanks for the support, and keep on using film.

Bye WordPress.


7 thoughts on “Closing Down

  1. Tony Kemplen says:

    I’ve enjoyed dipping into the tight fisted photographer, and will take a look at your new blog. Good luck with it 🙂

  2. Steve says:

    I found your blog a couple of years ago after I bought a Pentax K100d and a manual 50mm lens and was faffing about the web looking for ideas and guidance. Since then it’s been a real source of inspiration – 2015 was the year I started developing my own black and white film, scanning the results, and enjoying the weird sense of freedom that gives, and it in large part because of reading these pages. So thank you, and good luck with the new blog!

  3. Roy Gardiner says:

    Paul, I can only echo what the other comments stated. Thanks for all your work.
    I am not used to visiting blogs and am tempted to open a WordPress account but your comment about it has stalled me somewhat.

  4. Les Murdoch says:

    I’ve only recently discovered this blog so I’m very sorry it’s closing down. However, I respect your reasons for doing so and am pleased that you’ve explained why you’ve done it. I think it’s sad when blogs just stop with no explanation. Having said all that, I’ll certainly be tuning in to your new blog and I wish you well in your new venture.

  5. Harry Stevens says:

    I have enjoyed your blog more than most others. I think your attitude to photography was and is the right one.Keep the 50p AX2 busy and best of luck with your new blog .,
    Best Regards Harry.

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