Olympus XA-2 - 50p camera project II

Local Anthrophotography

Fat Twat. Olympus XA2 50p camera project. Ilford HP5+ b/w film. ID11. V500 scanned.

I’ve long had a fascination with people.  I am an armchair anthropologist.  That is where my photography seems to be heading – capturing human culture, including their artifacts, on emulsions of silver salt.  I can’t think of a better subject than people and their incredible cultures.  Humans can be incredibly destructive and harmful.  Yet, I can’t think of another known form of Life, that creates such a diversity of culture.  That’s what I want to capture.

I should lay claim to the word anthrophotography  – is it copyright?  I’m an anthrophotographer.  What are you?


4 thoughts on “Local Anthrophotography

  1. Not a bad idea. I think we’re photographers who document what we see around us. Be it what is odd or strange, what is amusing or perhaps even sad – we choose what we want to photograph and what we then show.

    Be that all as it may, please continue the good work – be it anthropology or not!

    • I’ll confess that my claim of anthrophotography is more than a little tongue in cheek. as you correctly suggest, real anthropologists crave impartiality and seek to avoid cultural bias. Still, it seems a more attractive title than “street photography”, and suggests a broader subject.

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