Film Dark Room, Film, 35mm, and scans, Olympus XA-2 - 50p camera project II

C-41 Process and Me.

The General Cemetery. Wisbech. Olympus XA2 compact camera. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 35mm film from Poundland. Developed in Rollei Digibase C-41 chemistry.

For crying out loud.  I really do not like this C-41 process game, and it does not like me.  However, I’m sticking with it, but it is fighting me back.  Ok confession time.  First attempt.  Screwed up totally, although sort of salvaged a few sprocket hole images.  I’ve posted on that one before, so I wont go into detail.  Second attempt.  I accidentally poured some used bleacher into the fixer storage drum.  I’ve checked with the swots on an analog forum – the verdict is that it’ll gradually degrade and to use it ASAP.  I did however pretty well process a 24 exposure of 35mm, although it wasn’t a very good shoot.  I took it in my 50p Olympus XA2, and it included the above image, of the chapel of rest, in the disused General Cemetery in Wisbech.

Third attempt – just now.  I processed two 35mm films in the Paterson tank together.  Too early to say how they’ll turn out, I’ll see tomorrow.  However, I accidentally dropped 600 ml of precious C-41 developer to waste.  I wanted this stuff to last 6 – 8 months, but it isn’t looking good.

Maybe I’m just too much of a rush-about klutz to process my own C-41 colour film.  Too much worrying about temperature, too many jugs.  It’s certainly another learning curve.


6 thoughts on “C-41 Process and Me.

  1. Ha! Good for you! I know just what you mean about temperatures, jugs… Processes…oops… what was I supposed to do next? Just imagine the fun if you were inventing the process! “There is nothing new under the sun”. We “bumblers” are hard pressed to follow in the footsteps of simple, ancient technology. I’ll stick with b&w for simplicity and focus on developing prints for completing the artistic circle. Keep up the good work!

    • Once I’ve knocked out a load of my cheap Poundland C-41, I think that I’d be better off with b&w. I guess though that I still like the challenge. I’ve medium format C-41 to try yet, and stand processing.

    • I will. I’m a complete newb to all of this. My only interest is in hybrid film-digital, I have no interest in traditional printing. I got the impression from the discussion on the below link, that the mixed chemicals (Rollei Digibase C-41) are in some cases lasting to eight months, but maybe I’ve misunderstood something. Rollei or their distributors, only claim “several weeks”. Anyway, how badly I’m treating mine, I’d be lucky to get that.
      Rollei Digibase discussion on APUG

      • There are gonna be some trial and errors. I think you will find a way to extend the life of the chemicals. That’s the only thing steers me away from developing color. If I do it I have it in one big batch in a day and discard the chemical. It will be a fun adventure for you and I will stay tuned to your journey.

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