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Colour Test on Poundland AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 35mm film

Fenland Fields. Olympus XA2 compact camera. AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 35mm film from Poundland

I’m no bloody expert.  Piss off to a proper review if that’s what you are looking for.  The above photo is a scanned negative of AgfaPhoto (Agfa) Vista Plus 200 35mm film from Poundland.  Rumoured to be a rebrand of a variant of Fujifilm C200 on the great Internet.  My review?  Looks bloody alright to me for a quid per film.  Taken using an Olympus XA2 compact zone focus camera, set to ‘landscape’.  This camera cost me 50p (75 US cents) in a recent car boot sale (sort of a collective front yard sale, that we enjoy on our side of the puddle).  I’m a cheapskate mean bastard aren’t I?  The photo still looks good though don’t you think?  Stuff that up your full frame Canikon DSLR!


16 thoughts on “Colour Test on Poundland AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 35mm film

  1. Monty Zoomer says:

    Nice sharpness and detail, even if the colours look a bit weird. From one cheapskate Brit snapper to another, I salute your thrift. I just found an old Nikkormat FTn in th back of a cupboard at work whuch nobody wanted. Hallelujah! I’m off out to get some cheapo film and put it to the test. Cheers! Monty Zoomer

  2. Rob says:

    I like the colours in the above picture, even if a tad oversaturated. I think that the particular colour shades that you get in film pictures really makes them stand out when compared with the vast majority of today’s pictures which are digital and our eyes take to be ‘normal’.

    I have just dusted off my film cameras after about 3 years unused and am looking for the best lab to use for C41 processing and scanning. The last mail order lab I used doesn’t seem to exist any more. I see you’re in the UK.. Where do you get your C41 processing and scanning done?

    [happy owner of Olympus Trip 35, 35LC, XA, Zorki 4k, Zeiss Nettar]

  3. Gavin. says:

    I’ve used this in a Pentax ME Super on a summers day and found it to be terribly washed out. Found I got better results with Autumn weather. I might try rating it at ISO125 instead. I know the meter is correct in the Pentax.

  4. Jim Mackenzie says:

    I’ve been using this film quite a bit. Can’t complain at the price. I have noticed some batch variability and grain can be very noticeable in the shadows. I scan using my own film scanner, a Minolta Dimage II, picked it up on fleabay for 100 quid. I have digital cameras but I refuse to see good film equipment thrown on the scrapheap and so this cheapo film keeps me in the game. I don’t however want to spend £5 on a roll of film or £10 for a roll of slide film.

  5. john says:

    Just ordered fifty of these at £1.50 each. Poundland said they haven’t had any ‘in a while’ so figured this was my best bet. Gonna shove it in a Trip 35 now, and a Leica M4P later. The aim is to shoot a roll per day, on average! (And toss ’em all in a box, Vivian Maier style.)

    • Nice one John. Were they 36 or 24 exposure? If you are ever in my area, there are still branches with stock, including my local branch in Wisbech. Should you want any more?

  6. John says:

    24 exposure, sadly. Still, it’s identical to the original-brand C200 they sell in boots for twice the price, so no complaints. The Superia 200 24 in the photo shop is over £7 each!

    Wisbech looks a lovely place, you might just tempt me to come shoot a roll or 10!

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